Friday, February 12, 2010

Birth of a Yak


Moulding the canopy.

Canopy mould.

Covering finished.

Looking like something.

White covering.

starts looking like a aircraft

Wing construction.

Fuzz halves come together.

Building fuzz half.

Building board and back bone. The up right tube is the wing tube.

CAD drawing, where it all starts.


john rheeders said...

Hi Dereck, great to see your yak build on the blog,the pictures says it all
Cad designed, now we want to know where to source the materials, how did you make the parts or did you have them cnc cut.Got to inspire some guys. give us the details and your contact number, or just write a blog post with the details

Fantastic job and it flies well too!


Anonymous said...

Very impressive. I'd like to try my hand at a scratch build too some day. It looks like you print the plans to scale and use them to layout the aircraft parts as you assemble. Is that correct?

Shaun Hards

Dereck Q said...

Thanks for the Comments. Yes, this was in fact my second design and scratch build. The process starts by going thru a design manual to get the numbers to work, then the long process of technical drawings. Once done I print the parts out on A4 and tape the pages together. Using a pin to mark and draw the pattern on balsa then cut out on a scroll saw to create a kit. This build process took a year of constant work so if you choose this as a project put the time aside you will need it. The worst part of it all is the maiden flight !!!