Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pattern build


A Pattern Design and Build

The idea was to design and then build a pattern that was different in both form and function, as I see very little innovation in this area, unlike the indoor types which was the inspiration for the idea.

And so the concept was drawn,

then the CAD design.

Then a test bed is build to check on the design aerodynamics and adjust at this point if necessary.

After cutting out parts, using a building jig, the fuselage starts.

Here the wing tube is being fitted and lined up as level and square.

While this is going on, the moulds for the canopy, and cowl are done.

The canopy hatch construction,

The motor is Turnigy SK 160 at 3150 watts, with 100 HV Amp ESC.

With all the mouldings finished and fitted.

Some innovation added, does it work, well . . . . .

Then the wings, this is done last to check on the CG, and adjust the wing tube placing on the wing if not where it was designed to be. If this is not enough the placement on the fuselage will need to be adjusted.

Horizontal stabilizer,

wing panel part done,

here the wings are being aligned with the thrust line.

Wings test fitted to fuselage,

with fuselage finished, cowl, canopy and undercarriage struts, the wheel pants are from a crashed kit.

The portrait for the wall,

The plane flys well, very little rudder coupling (1-2 % mixing), and the roll axial with out mixing. The wing section (Eppler 168) floats the plane like a trainer, and so the wing area can be reduced for future build, also insures the wing stalls evenly with out dropping the wing keeping the plane stable through sequence. Sadly, the build was not light enough and comes in a 6KG with batteries.

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