Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Solder Battery Terminals

Start with clean cut terminals.

Get organized. Battery terminals always female, including the connectors, with RED being larger size.

Be sure to slide on the plastic sleeve BEFORE soldering starts.

Nip the end of only one cable and finish this before starting on the other to avoid any electrical shorts.

Snip short bits of silver solder and place inside connector with some flux. It will get very hot so clamp it.

Insert the iron and melt the solder, holding the nipped wire end close.

Quickly insert the wire into the connector and hold still until cool to fix into place.

Insert the connector into the plastic sleeve before moving on to the next wire. Some force is required to do this.

Now repeat with the next wire, this way there is no way of causing explosive shorts - explosive I tell you. Shown above is one method to force the connector into the sleeve. Make sure before you do that the connector has no excess solder around it as the fit is tight.

Remember now, the ESC and battery charger must have the male connector end, sounds obvious until you try to connect two females, not that I did, but hear some have. . .

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Johan said...

Thanks Derek
Maybe you could show the guys how to solder up a
Receiver pack and wrap it so you have a bit larger capacity and a better margin of safety