Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Hi Guys


Sorry did not send the mail on Monday as I left my stiffy disk in the bakkie.


Wow what a great day that was organised by Garth. The Breakfast was first class and very well supported. Well done guys great stuff. I counted around 30 pilots who came through during the day. It was really a great day – well done lets have more of these in the future.


I tried to fly the P 38 – good looking plane but problematic with a nose dive on take off. Back to the repair shop. Some really great planes on display. Garth had some beautiful pics of George Strut's big p 51 Mustang.


We are nearing the close of the year and there are still some subs outstanding. Lukas will capture the bank and send out statements on Monday. Please take a look and if there are problems let me know so we can correct. If the amount is outstanding then please pay guys.


Great se you all on Sunday.



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