Monday, May 23, 2011

Pics-P.Carlisle-18-05-2011_ DDRF


Hi Guys


I trust you all voted either for the DDRF political party or the "Peter is a great oak" political party?


A fantastic turnout of members yesterday. The wind was a bit gusty and across the runway which was a little bit of a hassle. But I counted around 25 pilots who came through to show their worth. Good flying all round. One or two minor mishaps though.


I have three jackets left and about 8 shirts. I have ordered one "small" Jacket and three 4 XL jackets. Can the members please let me know how many jackets anyone would still require?


I wont be there this Sunday – so enjoy – Remember that the Runway work will start on Wednesday next week. Should be good when all is said and done.


Enjoy the pics.



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