Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pics- DDRF-P.Carlisle-17-09-2011


Hi Guys


We had a really great day flying yesterday. The wind was a little strong in the morning but died down in the afternoon. Overall a great days flying. I counted 26 pilots by the time I left. (Ok Mark how many did you count, remember I want the photos of the pilots)


 The grass runway has really taken in places and is matting beautifully. I landed my F15 on the grass. Normally that aircraft chews up the whole of the tar runway but on the grass it stopped with in about 15 m. Really impressive indeed. I saw an number of the foamy's land there looks like it will work well.


Please don't forget our Run way wetting day on the 15th of October 2011. We have invited JOMAC and so far it looks like they will be joining us for the festivities. I am in the process of arranging some really nice prizes from Mac Carthy Nissan.


Gavin downed his chopper but I did not have the heart to send the pic as he seemed really heart broken.


See you all Sunday



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