Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hi Guys,,

 Lots of action at the club and some disruption to add excitement. All good to fly tomoro Wed, but please avoid construction areas.

 The roadway has been improved and so has the immediate entrance to the club. The idea is to move the access road away from the covered pilot prep area and create more parking in front of the extended canopy. Some mods still required but we are getting there.

 Also much theft of materials and abuse of our facilities has been experienced these past two weeks, if you see something untoward, pse advise the committee immediately.

 A great vote of thanks to Marius for the supply of materials and civils' work to the roads leading to the club, Marius you are a star and great help – remember, every hour spent actively supporting the club guarantees you an equivalent number of safe landings!!

 Happy landings



Projects Committee

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