Monday, November 30, 2009

Aerodynamics Briefing-Jerry van Gool

Hi Guys

 Apologies for not sending an e mail last week. This were hectic at work with the tax delaines. Mini hurricane blew through the club yesterday which made to scary landing and a couple of landing gears being removed due to the forces of nature. I counted 14 pilots who braved the blazing wind. Good stuff guys. A big thank you to Jerry van Gool who has moved the helicopter pits up to where the wooden shed used to be. I think its much better where it is lets the Chopper guys closer to the club house etc. Also Jerry very kindly donated his time and those of his employees. Thanks Jerry.

Wayne Wallace is going to display some items on Sunday 6 December 2009. So please come though and support his efforts. I do believe that the members will learn a lot about other products etc.  Tonight Jerry is holding an information night to discuss and explain some of the mysteries of flight. See below. Please see who can support this as I think we could all learn from him.  Enjoy the pics.



Hi all DDRF members 

Sorry for such a short notice guys. We are having a Briefing session at Jerry's house on 30 November 2009 @ 6 – 9 o'clock.It will involve the basic aerodynamics of flight and some more advanced aerodynamics. We are trying to give the pilot's a better understanding of flying even if you do know most of the stuff there might be something that will interest you.

 " Remember knowledge is power" Please if you can let Jerry know on his cell phone ASAP on 0834484108.Entrance fee:  Beer and Chips with dip.And bring a pencil and paper.

Hope to see you there




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