Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fw: DDRF Family Fun Day / DDRF Fly In

Subject: DDRF Family Fun Day / DDRF Fly In

Good day all!!


The excitement is growing by the minute and my phone is permanently glued to my ear with enquiries.


We can expect a great turnout as I receive many calls from members at the surrounding clubs who want to attend the fun and hospitality at DDRF.


As we are all aware...Not everybody can make it on the day due to other obligations and as you all know, we have a number of planes and a GyroCopter

Up for grabs.


Now for the good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have already created the Raffle tickets and the breakdown is as follow.


1: We have a Breathtaking JET (120 size)up for grabs and raffle tickets are R50.00


2: We also have a YAK 54 (60-90 size) going for R25.00  per ticket


3: Pattern Plane (Second hand, but breathtaking!!!) R25.00 per ticket


4 GyroCopter (second hand, but breathtaking!!!) R25.00 per ticket


Now.... Since some of the members have asked me about purchasing tickets and not being able to attend on Saturday,

I decided to make the raffle tickets available immediately for purchase.


Tickets 1 – 99            Fun Jet 120


Tickets 100 – 199     YAK 54


Tickets 200 – 299     Pattern Plane (2m Wingspan)


Tickets 300 – 399     GyroCopter


Please send me your preferred selection so that I can allocate them for you!!!!!!!!!!!


Name, Surname and CELL NUMBER.


Here are the rules......


The draw will take place at DDRF with the first draw at 13:00


Second draw at 14:00


Third and fourth draws at 15:00


If your mane is drawn and you are not present at the club.....DON"T WORRY!!!!!!!!!

I will call you......



If you do not answer your phone or it goes to voicemail, you forfeit your price and I draw again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please send me your number selection as soon as possible and I will reply with the banking details for payment.


No Money No Ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please come in numbers on Saturday as we have a couple of really great surprises and prises for young and old.


DON't FORGET THE PLANES, HELI'S and family AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!





071 479 5838

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