Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi Guys


Sorry could not make it yesterday I had a pool pump on the blink and pool water flowing all over the garden.

 These pics are from previous week. Good flying just a little windy. Counted 16 pilots there that day.

 Please remember it is our AGM on SATURDAY 6 FEBRUARY 2010 at 14h00 at the club. All are invited and we would like to hear from all the members.

 I have attached a Chairman's report and a Treasurers report. Please take a look and we can discuss at the meeting on Saturday. Also I have included the latest set of financials for the club.

 Please if anyone would like to suggest the building or improving of the facilities, we have a fixed budget and you must please bring along a cost estimate / quote so that we know how to plan accordingly.

 Great see you Saturday.


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