Monday, November 1, 2010



Hi Guys


I was at the field on Saturday morning – for a few minutes -  and only a few pilots were there. Pity as it was a really great day to fly. Almost no wind to speak of. Sunday was a different story with a gale thundering down the runway. Not too many pilots though as I believe many of us were nursing a sore head from the previous evenings events – Sharks forever ???



Please guys remember next Saturday. Its our friends at Snoopys who have invited us to a fly in. The flying starts in the morning but the main fun gets underway around midday.  A number of guys have said they don't know where Snoopys is located. So I will lead a bunch of flyers from DDRF at around 11h30 on Saturday morning to Snoopys. Please don't forget your shirt and lets all go show our support.


Enjoy the pics.