Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DDRF Pics-P.Carlisle-04/12/2011


Hi Guys


Went flying yesterday – was quite a bit of wind in the morning. Took quite quick fingers to land the foamies. The afternoon was a lot better really some excellent weather.  Bit disappointing as I only counted 17 pilots who came through to enjoy the club.


Jerry has done an excellent job at the helipad side. Really well done Jerry – Thanks hats off to you. I stood with the heli guys flying from on top the mound and the panorama to fly is really brilliant. Next year we will continue with our work on the heli side which will no doubt give us the best heli and plane facilitates around.


Enjoy the pics. I wont be around until the new year as I am off to see my brother in the USA.


Enjoy the flying, Happy Christmas and please guys keep safe and take it easy on the roads.






Sunday, December 4, 2011

DDRF -Jerry Van Gool

> Hi Guys
> The heli canopy is up, the fencing will be installed on Monday.
> The tree which the heli guys said was in their flight path is no more, I
> am
> sure the Klippies fishermen will devour the wood in no time.
> The parking area access to the heli area has been blocked and the heli
> guys
> now have their own access and parking by the new canopy.
> The flying area has been raised to the top of the rocks - looks great,
> works
> well.
> The storm water piping near the entrance is in place and hopefully what I
> have done will stop the erosion of the road at that point, will keep an
> eye
> on it. The pipes were donated, although not in good nick, I took them to
> my
> factory and cut them to shape then joined them underground.
> As these jobs were all done in one shot as opposed to dragging it out over
> time, our club finances have taken some strain - Please..... all those who
> can...pay your 2012 subs now.
> I am going on leave now so use this opportunity to wish you all a happy
> Christmas and a massively successful year next year, thanks for the
> companionship during the year and look forward to lots more of it next
> year.
> Happy landings
> Jerry Van Gool
> DDRF Projects Committee