Monday, December 20, 2010



Hi Guys


Quite a good days flying yesterday. Bit of a wind but nicely down the runway. I counted 12 Pilots in total coming through.


Attached is a pic of Shaun Hards and his camera mounted to the plane – cant wait to see his pics.


I have sent a couple of members e mails regarding outstanding fees for 2010. I will be updating the debtors age later this week and start calling those guys who have not either responded or who have not had a word with me at the field. Please guys please make an effort as we need the cash for next year as there are some really exciting ideas which will put DDRF on the forefront of clubs in SA.


I am currently taking this quieter time to update our records concerning proficiency. Please could everyone please reply to me and let me know your proficiency so that we can update our records accordingly.


Enjoy your festive season and please drive safely so we can see you next year.