Saturday, March 24, 2012

Funfly & Familly day-DDRF - 24/03/2012

Hi Guys and Gals
Some of the Shots i took on Saturday - 24-03-2012
Cheers and enjoy the Pics
Johan Rheeders

Friday, March 23, 2012

Good morning everybody.

Please have a look at the Roodepoort Record from yesterday.

We have placed an add in there to market the DDRF as well as the upcoming event for tomorrow (Saturday, 24 March 2012)

The response has been really great so far and we can expect some great participation from other club members as well as a large number of spectators.

Please bring all your Planes and Helicopters to fly and display tomorrow.

We are securing an area for us all to put our planes and heli's out of harm’s way and also for the spectators to be able to safely admire them.

Please come in numbers and bring your families with.

We are really looking forward to having as many as possible members and regular visitors there and know that it is going to be a really enjoyable day for everybody!

Donovan will be doing some grading and instructing from 09:00 where after the fun and games will begin.

RockStar energy drinks South Africa will have a gazibo with beanbaggs and drinks for all the participants, so please support them and a special thanks to all the guys involved with the arangements and help.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.

Kind regards

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hi Guys,,

 Lots of action at the club and some disruption to add excitement. All good to fly tomoro Wed, but please avoid construction areas.

 The roadway has been improved and so has the immediate entrance to the club. The idea is to move the access road away from the covered pilot prep area and create more parking in front of the extended canopy. Some mods still required but we are getting there.

 Also much theft of materials and abuse of our facilities has been experienced these past two weeks, if you see something untoward, pse advise the committee immediately.

 A great vote of thanks to Marius for the supply of materials and civils' work to the roads leading to the club, Marius you are a star and great help – remember, every hour spent actively supporting the club guarantees you an equivalent number of safe landings!!

 Happy landings



Projects Committee

Monday, March 19, 2012


Hi Guys

 What a great day to fly yesterday. The weather was perfect nice gentle wind straight down the runway. I counted 25 pilots who came through. Well done guys I saw the skies filled almost the entire day. The winner of the Kamikaze award is Adrian v.d Westhuizen. I did not get a pic as the plane was packed away before I could get my camera.

 We have got name tags for the pilots to book their frequencies. We made up for the members that are there. Mel has the magnets and name tags so please pop in next Saturday and obtain from Mel.

 I will hopefully have the hats and caps next week. The suppliers did promise me last week but apparently some problem caused a delay. Shirts will also be available on Saturday.

 Remember guys the fun day next Saturday. Marnus has promised a spectacular event and has worked tirelessly to achieve. Please all make a concerted effort to at least pop in for a few minutes.

 You will see that the infrastructure improvements have continued unabated. The grass has been planted along the embankment and on the Chopper mound. Last weeks rain worked miracles. The new car ports and paving has commenced and I am sure by the Saturday it will be looking first class.

 See you all Saturday – Enjoy the pics



Kind Regards,

Peter Carlisle