Wednesday, October 31, 2012

17 November 2012 DDRF Fun Day

Subject: 17 November 2012 DDRF Fun Day

Hi guys


Thank you all for participating and contributing with the last couple of DDRF Family Fun Day's that I organized.

It is greatly appreciated!


As you have seen in the e-mails from Peter Carlisle, the above mentioned date has been recommended for the next DDRF Fun Day.


Please come forward with any suggestions as to events, catering, etc for the day and don't hold back.

If you would like to arrange something for the day, please do so, but just inform us prior.


1:   What I am needing is some form of security banner to keep spectators away from the planes and heli's.

2:   Also suggestions round food and beverages, which I have already had some suggestion (Tjop & Dop with Pap & Gravy or Boerewors Rolls)

       Remember to pack your cooler box as it should be HOT as Hell.

3:   Helium for some balloon chasing and streamers.

4:   THE MOST IMPORTANT….ALL MEMBERS TO TRY AND PARTICIPATE ON THE DAY….Even if you don't fly…Come support the other pilots.

5:   All COMMITTEE MEMBERS to be at the DDRF Fun Day to encourage new members and to assist in spotting pilots!!!

6:   Heli Pilots and Fixed wing pilots… Please come up with event suggestions.


Heli Events...      Circuit flying where you fly against yourself to even the odds between pilots.

Spot landing From Takeoff, round pylon and back to mark.

                                                Drop a coin in a glass or closest to it.


Fixed wing  Events           Streamer Chase

                                                Balloon popping (WE NEED HELIUM FOR THIS!!!!)

                                                Sweets Drop for the young ones!!!

                                                Creative Flying and Unusual flying machines


Let's make this DDRF Fun Day the one to stand up and be counted!





071 479 5838


P.S. What makes a Fun Day successful is the participation of each and every one of us!

If you have any sponsorship or contribution lined up, please refer them to PETER CARLISLE.

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