Tuesday, July 27, 2010

40% DHC-2 Beaver Part VI

InterClub FlyDay

Hi Guys
Peter Carlisle has organized an interclub funfly with the guys from Snoopy's  to be held at DDRF field
The date is 28th August 2010, which is  a Saturday and a lot of fun events will be taking place
throughout the day
Please Remember Remember Remember it

Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi Guys

What an interesting day. Myself, Dirk Coetzee and Kevin were the only
pilots from 11h00 to 13h30, then suddenly members came from everywhere
to fly. I counted a total of 18 pilots were doing their stuff over
Ruimsig. Well Done guys. Take a look at some of the beautiful aircraft
that were in the skies. Jerry lost his motor – managed to rip it (fire
wall and all) off the plane never to be seen again.

A real big thank you to Jerry van Gool who put in a great amount of
effort to fix up the road from the gate to the club. It has made it so
much easier to get to the club. Thanks

I have spoken to Snoopy's Squadron and invited them to our club on
Saturday 28 August 2010. Please diarize it and make an effort to join
us. I think we should have a really great day flying with a couple of
competitions etc to add to the excitement. Also please everyone I
still have some shirts and jackets if anyone wants – it really sets us
apart with our club shirts.

I am going to try arrange a committee meeting this week. If there is
anything you want addressed please let me know so I can bring it up.



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