Monday, September 5, 2011



Hi Guys


We had quite a strong cross wind yesterday which made for some interesting flying and landing. Couple of undercarriages suffered the consequences. Over all the weather was really great and made for a really day. The runway looks really great and Jerry's concerns – see below are valid. Please if there is anyone who could help it would be really appreciated.


Jerry I can help on Thursday. I will hire a chappy and get him to paint etc whilst he is at it – if no one else grabs Thursday. The rest of the week is difficult for me.


Marius Hugo has completed his application form so if there are any objections to him joining please let me know. Think Carefully as Marius helped arrange the stone for the entrance.


I wont be there this weekend coming – taking a weekend with just myself and the wife – no kids just R and R. No funny comments and yes they will all come true.


The committee meeting is next Monday night so if there are any issues you wish me to raise please let me have them before hand.


Enjoy the pics


See you in two weeks