Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Them Spitfires

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Fw: That Blog article

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Subject: That Blog article

Hi Shaun
That is great To publish something to the blog.Thanks to Peter and yourself The blog would be Dead
Appart from just the pics and the time when i was not well , you and Paul Sweeney are the only ones that has published something directly to the blog.
The guys must realize that the blog is there for all members to use,and it is not my blog. It is a show and tell Blog that belongs to DDRF
But that is only our first year as Bloggers and much more articles and content is needed to make it interesting for other people to read
There is also the capability to show  video clips on the blog and i hope that we will soon be showing some stuff,
The Blog should Probably be brought to the fore by the commitee as it is seen arround the world.
The guys must not be scared to publish something , all mistakes can be edited, and if it cant be fixed we can delete it ,and start again
Even the comments at the bottom of each posting has not been utilised
So there is a lot of scope to do something with the blog
There has been over two thousand hits this year
The blog gives every one the opportunity to contribute something, and the blog has got lots more functionality than a website
Just the ease of doing a posting is clearly an example of it
Keep up the good work
Johan Rheeders

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking Forward to 2010

Hi, it's Shaun Hards here (official club photographer, or so they say). Thought I might contribute a small article to the blog so here goes.

I joined DDRF in the beginning of 2008 but never really got into flying because I bought the wrong plane to start learning to fly with (an EP Showtime from E-Flite). My first flight lasted all of 2 min. It was only until the middle of last year (2009), when I bought a small foamy Cessina, that started flying proper. It still took a few crashes and repairs to find my flying fingers, but I did eventually. Fortunately I had been racing RC cars, both electric & nirto for the previous 4 years, so the initial co-ordination was there, only the 3rd axis was lacking. As I've improved, so I've started to enjoy it more and more, and it now feels like "me flying the plane" and not the other way around.

Since I fly electric and batteries take some time to charge, I thought I would pass the time by taking some pics of the other guys flying and their planes. I enjoy photography as well so it as enjoyable as the actual flying. I was asked to send the pics I took to all the members by Peter the club secretary, who normally takes the pics (as that day he had forgotten his camera). Immediately there was a very positive response and a demand for more pics. Guys were mailing me for pics specifically of thier planes etc. I made many friends within the club almost overnight, which was great. I was instantly dubbed the "official club photographer", and my new duty became publishing pics to all the members on a regular basis.

I'm really enjoying the great atmosphere that has developed at DDRF, and to my fellow pilots, I just want to say thanks for a great 2009 and I look forward to 2010. I hope that in 2010 I can bring you more of the action and even better pics, sothat we can showcase DDRF to all out there.


Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi Guys

 Happy new year !!. I trust 2010 will be great for all the members and DDRF.

 Sorry I have not sent any mails in a couple of weeks. Festive season and all. Difficult flying yesterday with a strong wind. Luckily down the runway. I counted 12 pilots who played their hand at lady wind. Lets hope next Sunday will be a cooker.

 We have had a couple of new members – sorry guys kind of lost track with the interruptions. But Welcome none the less. I trust that you will have a great time flying at DDRF.

 Our AGM will be the first Saturday of Feb 2010 – As always. Please see if you can attend. We will be discussing members ideas as to what they would like extra. If you have some ideas please bring a cost estimate along as we will have limited budget.

 Enjoy the pics.


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