Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi Guys

 Happy new year !!. I trust 2010 will be great for all the members and DDRF.

 Sorry I have not sent any mails in a couple of weeks. Festive season and all. Difficult flying yesterday with a strong wind. Luckily down the runway. I counted 12 pilots who played their hand at lady wind. Lets hope next Sunday will be a cooker.

 We have had a couple of new members – sorry guys kind of lost track with the interruptions. But Welcome none the less. I trust that you will have a great time flying at DDRF.

 Our AGM will be the first Saturday of Feb 2010 – As always. Please see if you can attend. We will be discussing members ideas as to what they would like extra. If you have some ideas please bring a cost estimate along as we will have limited budget.

 Enjoy the pics.


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