Monday, November 8, 2010

Flyday @ Snoopy's_P.Carlisle_06-11-2010


Hi Guys


Wow what a really fantastic day we had at Snoopy's squadron. We must really thank them for their kind hospitality as it really was a great day. There were a whole load more pics taken and loads of fun and excitement. New and exotic planes and interesting challenges. All that make this sport so special.


I have included just a few of the pics. Garth Norfall has agreed to make some DVD's of the days fun events. Please make a plan to get yourself a copy as the planes etc were really great.


The committee has asked Jerry van Gool assist us with all new special projects. Jerry has a wealth of talent and we are very lucky to have the use of his services at DDRF. So all those guys who have some good ideas that will improve the club and its facilities please mail them through to Jerry. He will be sending out a questionnaire in the next week or so.


Chris Hornby you left your SAMAA card behind at Snoopy's. They have give it to me and will have it there this Sunday.


Enjoy and see everyone this Sunday.