Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SebArt - Wind S 110E

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pics-Saturday-18-09-2010_Garth Nofal

Hi All.

Details of last Saturday's Fly and Braai.

Hi Peter.

Some feedback on Saturday's, 18/09/2010,  "Fly and Braai"

Weather was sunny but with some very strong gusty winds, mostly blowing down the runway or just off.

The morning was quiet with only three pilots until about 12:00 then a few more arrived, probably about 13 - 15 pilots throughout  the day, also had a few spectators popping in now and then. It was a lazy morning with a slow start, no crashes while I was there, pilots started flying more flights in the afternoon, generally a good day though. Roy spend most of the morning just hanging around as he decided it wise to leave his radio at home, figured it would safer to fly his new plane that way.

We started the braai very early as I had to leave at 15:30, all had a great lunch and we will do the same this weekend. I will light the fires at about 14:30 and we will be ready to braai just after 15:00, all welcome to join, please bring your "Dop and Chop".

PS: Gavin arrived just shortly after lunch with his new "Large Scale RC bike", apparently runs on Gas, see pics, LOL.

Thanks Cheers
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Monday, September 20, 2010


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> Some pics from yesterday afternoon's late afternoon - early evening
> flyers.... :)
> The demise of another EDF.
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Hi Guys

 What a great day for flying yesterday. Brilliant. We had a great time. The wind dropped off a lot and the pilots and a good time getting their dusty planes into the air. I counted 20 pilots who arrived – Kevin Hopper being the last one as I was leaving. So it was a well supported day. Thanks

Got my new sporty off the ground for a second time yesterday. Which went off as expected. Really simple plane to fly and land. Land is simple. Place aircraft onto appropriate approach zone, line up with run way, switch off transmitter, make tea as the plane put itself on the ground.

We had a visitor yesterday who flew that very impressive Mustang. Really great to watch.

To our new comers who I have not welcomes as yet - : Keith Kruger, Wayne Wallace and Adriaan v.d Westhuisen. Welcome I trust that you guys will enjoy the club and your flying there. To the guys I have not met pop in some Sunday and let me put a face to a name. Having said that – I wont be there this Sunday as I am on leave for a week but will be there 3 October 2010

Enjoy the pics – Sorry Ray you looked just too good to leave out – Sorry about the plane though.