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General Information
RCHelicopterFun:This site is courtesy of John Salt, and is full of goodies. For novice and expert alike, take a read. You are sure to learn something.
HeliFreak: This is Bob White's site. Again, a jolly good read. Go there often, and learn.
Also see these articles on our very own blog, courtesy of Lood Birk, Ermelo Radio Flyers.


Heli Build and Setup

Building a heli

General tips

Disclaimer: The following build videos are for brand-name clones. DDRF and the authors in no way promote any specific brand of helicopter, including the ones on the videos, or suggest that these videos replace the manuals for your helicopter. This information is purely for beginners to familiarise themselves with some basic pitfalls, practical suggestions, and so forth.

450 Electric

  • Follow this link. Be sure to watch all 15 videos.
  • Another set at this link for an alternative perspective.

600 Electric

500 Electric

250 Electric

Note: it is higly suggested you replace the feathering shaft and tail belt with brand name parts if building a clone - see this video.

Setting up a heli


Swash plate setup

Bob White's classic videos:

Gyro setup

Scale Helis

Multiblade rotor heads

Scale blades

Flybarless Setup


    Learning to Fly

    RCHelicopterFun's Flight School:

    This is a 10 "day" lesson plan, where every "day" is a specific lesson. The idea is not really that you can do the complete course in 10 days (Duh! Learn to do basic acrobatics and nose-in hover in 10 days???), but that you stick with this set of skills until you master them - then you go to the next "day". Every day is well described, and also demonstrated with a video. Check it out if you are setting out to learn. Here are direct links, day-by-day:

      SAMAA guidelines (proficiencies, version 2007):

      The link above opens the full manual - highly suggested reading. The suggested sequence of learning, in summary, is:
      • Tail in hover.
      • Tail in squares and circle.
      • Tail in Figure 8.
      • Side on hover (both sides)
      • Figure eight.
      • Forward flight.
      • Nose in hover
      • Circuits and hover.
      • Autorotation
      • High speed flight.
      • Advanced circuits.