Monday, May 16, 2011

Pics-S.Hards-Sunday- DDRF 15May2011


Hi Pilots,

Didn't do any flying myself, but made a turn past the field Yesterday. There
was a good crowd with lots to see. It looks like DDRF has become a local
spot for Sunday afternoon chilling with the mates, and having a family
picnic too (The families are great, but not too sure about the chilling
mates, those who were there will know what I maen). Mel also managed to make
some new friends during the course of the day.


DDRF- Pics-P.Carlisle-15-05-2011


Hi Guys


Despite having quite a strong wind blowing down the runway I counted up to 27 pilots who came through and enjoyed the day. We had some real great flying through out the day. I did not manage to break my plane this weekend but only flew the sporty and left the more challenging planes for a better day. I did not see any plane crashes but on Sean Pics I saw Roy's beautiful Cessna take a bounce. I hope its not too bad? See some pics of it before the flight.


Good turn out of members with even an old friend – Danie – who came to join us Sunday. He brought along with a plane which can comfortably house two passengers and a drinks trolley.


Two members have joined us. Torsten and Vladimir. Welcome to our club. If there are any members with an objection please raise that now.


I brought new Jackets and Shirts. I had them at the club yesterday and they sold quite quickly. I still have stock if anyone wants some.


Please take note of Jerry's e mail last week. We are expecting to have some disruption to the flying fairly shortly. Please lets all work with Jerry in this regard. Jerry – on behalf of all the members – Thanks for the enormous amount of work that you are doing in this regard, I am sure that it will be fantastic by the time you are done.


After voting in Wednesday – Think carefully before you vote – come and enjoy some flying. Enjoy the pics.