Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Sent this mail yesterday but maybe the attachments were too large ans many were returned. The most notable pics was of Mark's aircraft somehwat modified after a little mishap.
Hi Guys


Apologies for not sending an e mail last week but I could not make the Saturday and Sunday the rain was so miserable I flew for about an hour completely alone. But yesterday was another kettle of fish. The wind was a bit strong but right down the runway. Made for jumpy landings but the DDRF masters of the skies found it to be no bother at all. Well done boys. I counted 19 pilots who came through and braved the elements.


Brett Samuel has joined our club from NERF and is quite a demon behind the chopper controls. Anyone objecting to his joining?  Brett please let any of your friends at NERF who are looking for a home to come join us and show us their moves.


I would like to have a committee meeting on Tuesday 12 April 2011 and follow up on our initiatives of Feb. things look really great at this stage. All committee members please indicate if you can attend. Further if any members have any items they wish to raise please let me know.


Next week I promise to have my camera properly charged and ready to go. Apologies for the size of these pics as they were taken on my cell phone.


Enjoy see you all next Sunday




Sunday pics