Monday, March 15, 2010

Shaun Hards_Photo Album Available

Hi All,

It's that time of the year when I cut all my pictures to CD, in order to free up space on my HDD.

If you are interested in a CD with ALL the pictures from DDRF taken in 2009, please drop me a mail, and I will cut you a copy.

The only charge will be a beer at the club, on any given Saturday afternoon to cover the cost the CD


Shaun Hards

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Hi Pilots,

Here are the pick of Saturdays' flying pics.
The weather was great but the turn-out was surprisingly not, only about six
Those of us that were there made the most of the empty skies, with myself
managing to maiden my new DHC2 Beaver.
At around 16h30 a storm of note arrived and brought the days flying to a
windy and abrupt end!

Shaun Hards

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Hi Guys

 Really great days flying yesterday. Weather was good and a gentle little breeze. As with Saturday there was maybe a disappointing turnout. I counted 19 pilots to came to show there abilities.

 Great see you guys next Sunday.

 Special Thanks to Frik Rothman as he has arranged some paving bricks for us. Its just been a hassle to get them to the club. We have managed one load and hopefully another this week. I hope that most of the paving will be down and the extra fencing will be up by this weekend – so come through and take a look how the facilities are improving.

Happy flying


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