Monday, June 14, 2010


Hi Guys

I category 5 hurricane warning was due from the US coast guard.
Almost impossible to fly but some pilots managed to get into the air.
Well done boys. Poor Ray Jamieson managed to completely destroy a
really fine looking aircraft – that is before the mishap.

I left early with engine trouble and a blizzard dampening the desire
to fly. I left at 12h30 and by then we have seen a dozen pilots come
through. Well done guys.

I have received the long awaited shirts. Sorry guys this has been a
nightmare to get I think the Rag trade must be the most profitable of
all. Take a look at Jan Du Plessis (very pretty almost as sexy as Mike
Prigmore I may add) he has got the shirt on. If anyone wants one
please let me know as I will bring a whole lot on Sunday. I have L XL
and XXL. Also the jackets will be at my office this week (or so the
promises go) and will bring same on Sunday.

Welcome to Gerhard van Staden, Keith Kennedy and Corrie Cloete who has
joined our club. I trust you will have a great time at our club.

Enjoy and I will see you all on Sunday


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