Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RE: RC Batteries

I All.

I saw there was some comments and questions on the "RC Batteries" blog entry I posted a few days ago.

  1. I got the batteries(Hyperion LifePO4) from Tino and Wayne(The Knife Edge Spin I know that Micton and Capesailplanes in Capetown also sells these batteries, but it is just easier to get it here from the local guys.
  2. I don't know if the prices have changed, so I cannot guarantee that these prices still are the same, but it will be a ballpark figure to work from. The prices that I got from Tino is as follow: Hyperion LifePO4 1600mAh R303.20, Hyperion LifePO4 2100mAh R359.10. Adapter Cable R36.70.

Please also keep in mind that it is said that these batteries have a much higher cycle life than your Lipo's, I think I read somewhere that it will give you up to 5 times the cycle life.

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