Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi Guys

 Wow what a great days flying yesterday. The weather was good not too hot with a gentle breeze. Kevin took the P 38 up for a flight and managed to bring it safely to earth. Also through the toilet paper out and had about 10 aircraft all trying to break it into pieces. Good fun all round

 Congratulations to Peer Lotriet for obtaining his solo. I trust that he will keep our skies busy.

 All those who flew this week end would have seen the improvements that have been made. The fences are up and most of the paving is laid. We have also moved the radio pound out by the frequency board. Works well guys.

 Special Thanks to Jerry who has spent a lot of his time helping to ensure things have gone as well as they have

 Congratulation to Paul Davies and his wife with the birth of their son, Tyler Neil. We all wish you the very best and all things that are good.

 If you have not made a payment as yet please pay your subs as we will send Statements on Friday and all those who have paid or partially paid we will get them customized name magnets and membership cards.

 See you all next Sunday



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