Monday, August 1, 2011



Hi Guys


We had quite an interesting wind blowing yesterday. One minute it blew down the runway then it was a cross wind then from the other side. No problem though for fighter command of DDRF. Had a few planes fall out the sky. This gravity thing can be a nuisance at times. I counted (subject to audit from Mark Erasmus) 24 pilots who came through and enjoyed the flying. There was at least the same amount of spectators. Well done guys


We want to wish Roy Starr all the best for his operation that he will be having this week. I trust everything will go well.


This week one of our prospective members managed to get Afrisam to fix the entrance making access to the field so much easier. Thanks guys all assistance with the club is greatly appreciated. But please could I ask that if anyone wants to have something built or done – even if they can arrange it for free or at their cost – to please involve the committee. We would not want things being built and changed and there is no co ordination of how it can get done. Its important that things get don't in an organised manor.


I am told the runway should be scraped this week in which case the irrigation system will follow shortly before the grass is laid. So interesting times. We still have about R20K owed to the club. Please guys we are going to incur some large costs so those who get a statement in the next day or so please make an effort to pay.


Enjoy the pics.


See you all Sunday



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