Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DDRF Family Fun Days 2012

Hi all.

As you are aware, we host 4 Family Fun Days per year at DDRF and always welcome all members, families, friends and other clubs to participate on these days.

This year I firmly believe is going to be the start of great things to come!

I have really put time and effort into these new projects and have some great surprises in stall for the visitors as well as the participants.

There are a number of sponsors who have already committed their support and participation on the days of these events and I really hope that you will all make the effort of spreading the word and also inviting all enthusiasts like ourselves to come and enjoy the day with us.

It is really going to be great this year and I appreciate all your support and welcome any suggestions that you could make.

The dates of these events will be confirmed by the committee within the next couple of days, SO...Watch this space!!

Thank you all again!



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